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Blue Diamond Remote Control
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The "New Generation" of robotic pool cleaners appears to be here with the introduction of the new Blue Diamond ultra-luxurious pool cleaner.

This is truly state of the art! The first truly 21st century robotic pool cleaner, the Blue Diamond Remote and its remote control sister, the standard Blue Diamond appeared as special limited-edition, super-fast and efficient pool cleaners. Working with the latest guidance technology, the two Blues employ a unique, circular cleaning pattern, which only takes about an hour to make a full pass over an entire large pool, walls included.

The remote version is particularly great for fast, spot-cleaning and quick cleanups. Like all high-end robotic cleaners, they cleans virtually any surfaced pool (vinyl-lined, Gunite, concrete, pebble tech, fiberglass, etc.), gobbling up algae, dirt and even large debris from the pool's surfaces and vacuums everything into its built-in, easy-to-clean, reusable micro-filter bag.

With its low-voltage power use, the Blue Diamond Remote operates for pennies a day. It drastically reduces electricity, chemical and pool maintenance costs. It's durable and built to last and is virtually Maintenance-Free. Just change the brushes and drive belts every few years and treat it like a member of the family, and it will provide years of trouble-free service. Both come with a convenient caddy (cart).


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